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The Final Floor You'll Ever Purchase!™

Big Valley Flooring offers an industry-exclusive 4-Part Lifetime Guarantee with every
Smart Choice floor installation because we are so sure you’ll adore your new floors!

Lifelong Work Warranty

We promise there will be no flaws in the installation process done by Big Valley Flooring. owing to craftsmanship.

Lifetime Promise Without Any Gaps

We promise that there will be no gaps between the planks or tiles in your floors.

Everlasting 5-Plank Promise®

We promise that Big Valley Flooring will repair any unintentionally damaged floor planks.

Lifetime Promise of "Love It or Leave It"™

We promise that 50% of the cost of your floors will be applied to the purchase of a new floor if you decide to redecorate.

Big Valley Flooring offers the homeowner who purchases a residential property the following 4-Part Limited Lifetime Guarantee. (Only the Manufacturer’s Warranty covers commercial and rental premises.) This guarantee starts to take effect on the day the installation is finished and the purchase price is fully paid. This guarantee will stay in effect for the duration that the original buyer resides in the house, provided that the flooring is kept in its original location and is not altered in any manner. Please call Big Valley Flooring Customer Service at 844-Big Valley Flooring or file a service request online at BigValleyFlooring.com/service/ to request an inspection for guarantee servicing.Big Valley Flooring maintains the right to inspect any products that you feel do not live up to this guarantee, and you agree to grant Big Valley Flooring or its representatives any access that is reasonably required for such inspections. Big Valley Flooring maintains the right to substitute a comparable item or product of equal or higher quality in the event that the identical original product or part is no longer available. You have certain rights under these restricted assurances, and you might also be entitled to additional rights that differ from state to state. For a one-time fee equal to 10% of the Big Valley Flooring floor’s initial purchase price, these warranties are transferable. After the property transfer, Big Valley Flooring must be notified in writing and payment must be received within thirty (30) days. A copy of the home’s title transfer agreement must be sent with the payment. All warranties on the flooring shall be nullified with regard to the new owner of the property if Big Valley Flooring does not receive payment and title transfer within 30 days of the property transfer.

Lifetime Labour Guarantee

Any labor-related flaws in the initial installation are covered by this limited guarantee. You won't be charged for BIg Valley's floor replacement or repair services.

Lifetime Promise Without Any Gaps

Any space between two or more boards that is more than three millimetres that develops at any point after installation is covered by this limited guarantee. At no additional expense to you, Big Valley Flooring will relock the existing planks.

Everlasting 5-Plank Promise®

Big Valley Flooring will provide the Owner with five full-size boards at the time of installation for projects spanning 100 square feet or more. The owner consents to keep these planks in a horizontal storage position and to make them available in the event that a plank repair is required. Up to five planks installed by Big Valley Flooring are guaranteed against damage. We will either repair or replace the damaged plank(s) with the five planks that you are given. Big Valley Flooring is not obliged to supply extra materials in the event that the Owner no longer has the five planks. If available, the customer may buy extra planks at the list price in effect on the claim date.

Guaranteed for Life, "Love It or Leave It"

Big Valley Flooring wants your floor to be a source of lifelong love. Big Valley Flooring will refund you 50% of the original purchase price towards a new replacement floor from Big Valley if, for whatever reason, you decide you no longer love your floor. For instance, we will take $1,750 off the cost of your new purchase if you paid $3,500 for your kitchen floor and decide six years later that you would want to replace it with a different colour. All you have to do is give Big Valley Flooring a call and mention the “Lifetime Love It or Leave It GuaranteeTM” to receive this credit towards a new purchase. The room where the new floor is laid must be the same space as the old floor.The credit will be calculated according to the total square footage replaced as a percentage of the total square footage from the original transaction if more than one room was purchased in the original sale. There won’t be any further sales or discounts available for the new floor purchase.

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