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Recognise the entire project cost upfront.

Never fall for the trick of other flooring shops offering a low square foot “base price,” only to be taken aback when the actual cost is revealed once the work is completed.

Big Valley Flooring’s All-Inclusive Free Estimate simplifies the process. Before any work starts, you will receive a clear quote for the entire job during your in-home consultation.

Reasons for Not Wanting Pricing by Phone or Online

A flooring expert must measure every room with a laser, inspect the space to determine the precise cost, feel and see the existing flooring and the state of the house, and comprehend the new flooring you have chosen and its particular needs to guarantee a lifetime installation. Prices you receive from in-store, online, or over the phone should be taken with a grain of salt because they are only educated guesses until a flooring specialist visits your home, takes the necessary measurements, and understands your particular installation.

The Best Deal Promised, or It's Free**

In the flooring industry, we offer the best pricing guarantee. We will match any lower offer you find, regardless of the company, sale, or special promotion.

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