How Much of a Home’s Value Does New Flooring Add?

Sellers of real estate are constantly considering what upgrades will increase the value of their properties. Making upgrades to your house can give it a competitive advantage on the market, attract larger offers, and perhaps expedite the sale process. How much value does new flooring add to a house before the For Sale sign is put up? We’ll examine flooring types and their relative values, important considerations for flooring selection, design options, and more.

Flooring Types to Modernise Your House

Let’s start by examining the most common flooring types, their possible effects on your spending plan, and the potential worth they could have when it comes time to close.

Does a Home’s Value Increase with Hardwood Flooring?

Homes can benefit greatly from the addition of hardwood. Unlike other floors, it adds a layer of warmth. Additionally, according on the kind and other variables, it may add up to an 80% return on investment. High-end wood floors, such as solid hardwood and exotic woods, can be very costly to install and may not be suitable for many different home styles or budgets.

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