Smart Choice Luxury Vinyl

  • Browns/Reds/Maples
  • Rigid Stone Core
  • 20 mil

Create a captivating ambiance in your residential spaces with Big Valley Flooring’s exceptional Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) in the enchanting color of Autumn with brown, red and maple hues. Embrace the warmth and tranquility of these colors as they add dimension and beauty to every corner of your home. Our LVP is designed to surpass your expectations, offering 100% waterproof protection, making it perfect for everyday life, even in households with pets. Experience peace of mind with our slip-resistant surface that ensures both safety and elegance coexist harmoniously.Take advantage of Big Valley Flooring’s Smart Choice Lifetime Guarantee, which reassures you that your floors will remain as elegant and durable as the day they were installed, freeing you from the burden of frequent replacements


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