Fidalgo Oak

  • Browns/Cherrys
  • WPC Core
  • 20 mil

Big Valley Flooring’s gorgeous Fidalgo Oak shade, enhanced with warm tones of rich browns and luscious cherry tones, is a compelling way to elevate the mood of your living rooms. As these earthy and cherry tones provide depth and sophistication to every area of your house, let yourself be carried away by their timeless warmth and unspoiled beauty. With its unmatched 100% waterproof protection and painstaking design, our Fidalgo Oak LVP is the ideal solution for everyday use, especially in pet-friendly households. It is sure to exceed your expectations. With our non-slip surface that skillfully blends style with safety, you can have the utmost piece of mind. With Big Valley Flooring’s Smart Choice Lifetime Guarantee, you can enjoy the ultimate in design and durability.


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